Six Months Later

mavs cowSix months ago I wrote a reflection piece on veganism. From an outsider’s point of view I was intrigued and inspired from attending vegan events.

After attending a couple Monmouth Area Vegetarian Society events I expressed how I completely understood why someone would choose to live a vegan lifestyle. I admired their desire and passion to have a plant-based diet, and their respect for animals. I put myself in “their shoes…”

Although I am still not a vegan, six months later I have kept my word, where I have continued to take more and more interest in practicing a vegan or vegetarian diet. I’ve made conscious efforts during my weeks to dedicate meals towards a plant-based lifestyle.

I have found though, that I tend to consume more vegetarian meals.

What meals am I having

As I mentioned in my earlier post, that a plant-based lifestyle will not happen over night, I have found that in fact “time” will prove to be someone’s strongest ally.

Over the last six months I’ve increased the amount of vegetarian or vegan meals I consume per week. I’ve done so by simply trying many veggie options. For example, I absolutely fell in love with DR. P’s California vegetarian burgers.

That’s not to say I’ve liked every veggie burger recipe I’ve tried. It’s like trying any other new foods, recipes, or brands. There are many various recipes to veggie burgers. I found a couple I like the most, and have officially incorporated them into my diet. Veggie burgers are now a-go-to meal for me at least 3-4 times a week.

For those, who like to go out to eat all the time, and are not much of a chef like myself, I feel you…

Going to Chipotle and Bubba Koo’s Grille has become a regular routine for me during the week now. They offer great vegetarian options. It seems that everyone likes to go to Chipotle these days, so when I go with friends or by myself I’ve come to realize I love their veggie options.

I usually order a bowl which includes their sofritas (tofu), pinot beans, cheese, brown rice, salsa, corn, and guacamole. At Bubba Koo’s I order a veggie burrito, which is also HUGE. It consists of similar ingredients, plus I’ll throw in some jalapenos.

My friends response to my orders are usually, “Dude, we came to Chipotle and you got a veggie bowl out of all the things you could possibly order?”

My Response and Reasoning

While my friends usually ask me why, and are not too interested in ordering veggie meals like myself, I give them my two senses.

Out of all the ingredients listed above for a bowl/burrito you’re going to tell me they don’t sound or taste good? Plus, I always suggest this offer/challenge out there to them; If you were to close your eyes and take a couple of scoops of that sofritas bowl I guarantee you wouldn’t be able to even taste the difference. You’d think perhaps you’re having bowl with some sort of flavored meat.

And that burrito, which you can’t even see what’s inside of it, there’s so much flavor present that you could not tell the difference either. You’d be just as satisfied.

Most people who start up a full-time diet dread about it. Yeah, I’m not on a full time diet, but I’m still making an effort to eat healthier, and I actually enjoy what I’m eating. Since I enjoy what I’m eating and it’s a healthy option; Why wouldn’t I continue to consume those foods.


While some of my peers may think I’m a little crazy, or are unsure of taking a step towards having more plant-based meals, it’s slowly become a norm for me. It’s something I look forward to now, and don’t really think twice about. In fact, I crave it now more than ever.

If I’m driving around and on the go in need of a semi-quick meal for lunch, now Chipotle’s veggie option is one of the first things I turn to. I mean come on, it’s still Chipotle, of course it’s awesome.

Now, when I go out to eat with friends or family and a restaurant offers a veggie option I usually try it. If I like it, I’ll be returning and ordering that delicious veggie burrito. That’s not to say every time I go to “Andy’s Grille” I’m going to order their veggie option, but half of the times I probably will now.

I’m at the point where I have legitimate vegetarian meals at least 10 times a week. It’s taken time and curiosity to try new things, but it’s been worth it. If someone were on the fence about just dedicating meals during the week like myself; It can’t hurt to try something new that can’t harm you.

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