The Little Things About The Rain


“It’s raining, it’s pouring. The old man is snoring.”

An old rhyme that’s been said young kids used to sing when they couldn’t go outside to play because of the rain.

Rain seems to bother many people, and ruin their days.

As for me, I love a rainy day, especially in the Summer or Fall.

The sound of waking up in the morning to the crackling rain against my window and roof I find soothing. I can absolutely live with not having the sun slowly rise up, break through my blinds and glare against my face. I’d almost prefer to see rain drops stuck against the windows, and witness an overcast of clouds through the dispersed drops.


When it rains it’s a classic excuse…an excuse maybe to go to a coffee shop and write. Perhaps stay in watch movies, catch up on a television show or even take a nice jog; why not?

It’s the little things for some odd reason I love about the rain. I appreciate that run in a light rain, which will have the misty precipitation hit my face, drip from my nose and soak my hair as if I just showered.

I get my most productive work done and inspiration to write when yes, it rains. Though not out of sadness or boredom. The rain puts me in a certain zone – A zone of motivation and determination.

Also, a rainy day is a time to break out a jacket. It could be an old hockey warm up, a vintage and cool looking wind breaker, a cozy sweat shirt or potentially a black pea coat.

If it rains on a Saturday, the forecast may entail a day out with friends at the pub watching college football or an NHL game on NBC – A day of toasting and laughing when there isn’t a care in the world.

As a youngster, sometimes it even meant playing in a classic football match with buddies, and not thinking twice about how muddy and dirty we got.

Rain on a Fall day, the best.

The precipitation isn’t too cold, plus the smells of September and October compliment the distinct odor a rainy day has to offer.

In the Fall, as the water falls there’s a certain glare in the overcast sky that glows, and almost gives everything a brightened mysterious haze that’s somehow captivating. As if you could snap your fingers and change the scenery with an Instagram filter.

October, the rain usually brings a swirling and whistling wind that will press the refreshing rain against your skin. The trees will sway back and forth in a slow constant motion like a pendulum from an old clock.
I admire the little things when the rain makes all the gorgeous Fall colored leaves shine like they just got polished, as they heavily stick to the streets; giving the roads and sidewalks a different look, and have the surrounding trees’ characteristics flaunt more than usual on a Fall day or night.

The Little Thing5 Pinterest


A summer rain brings back memories to hanging out with family and friends at the beach club. It involved playing card and board games in a beach cabana. If it stopped, we’d wait and go play “running bases” on the cool temperature beach, while the rocky ocean crashed loud and hard against the quiet and deserted Shore.

The little things about a rainy Summer thunderstorm – I look forward to. The powerful crackling sound of thunder that sneaks up on you, shakes your living room floor and drags out its rumbling sound for seconds much longer than you’d expect makes the hair on my back rise, but in a unique and intriguing way.

Then after the thunder makes its demanding presence known there’s a silent pause, as if someone muted and sucked all the air out of the world, and lightning flashes throughout the dark charcoal gray sky.

At night, the little things like listening to the rain harmoniously hit the windows, roof, gutters and the trees slowly swaying like a clock’s pendulum all compose peaceful soothing noises as I begin to fall asleep…

I appreciate the little things about the rain.


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Freelancer & aspiring author writing about the little things in life & sports that inspire me. Never forget DP5. RG71. MW12. Forever teammates.

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