Lights: Relationships


It’s a never ending space with an abundance of lights…stars.

Some are brighter than others, and a few tend to catch your eye for some unexplained reason.

Most, but not all, of those lights we see in this never ending space burn out over time. They come and go – just like people in our lives.

With some of these bright burning lights we can connect the dots, and build constellations – lasting friendships.

Over time these constellations make imprints, and leave their blueprints for observers to see. They create not only visual maps, but physical directions and connections as well. They create a bond.

Sometimes, the stars you used to be able to look at, and connect the dots with…are no longer a constellation it seems, but now just an image in a history book.

Stars can burn out – some burn out for good. Others burn out slowly and slower than others.

But, if you keep searching some may find that there is hope.

Luckily, it seems that some stars and constellations can last forever.

Published by kylemickeymckenna

Freelancer & aspiring author writing about the little things in life & sports that inspire me. Never forget DP5. RG71. MW12. Forever teammates.

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