Celebrate, It’s Spring

There are still patches of snow scattered across your front lawn looking like random ice bergs in a sea of green, but they’re now melting away. The dark and cold Winter some of us may have experienced is beginning to fade, and the Sun now knows it’s time to start hanging around longer into the night.

I wake up to hear the sound of various types of birds chirping round-the-clock during the morning hours. Even if it’s still feeling like Winter outside they know it’s time to make their ambitious presence known to mother nature. The Sun and the birds are working together as a team to push their old friend Winter aside from his already elongated stay…To keep him away for at least another seven months.

I check my phone and see that it’s March 1st. I nod my head slowly, and like the birds and the Sun, I too know it’s time….Time to celebrate; time for Spring.

I’ve already confessed my love for Fall being my favorite season, but sorry October and November I also make room for March, April, and gorgeous May too.

Knowing it’s finally Spring is a time to celebrate for a few reasons.

When I see that it’s March 1st and hear those birds singing harmoniously to the neighborhood – they’re just preaching to the choir and letting me know my birthday and Spring are only 19 days away. March 20th, other than celebrating my birthday that day, mean’s that it’s time to celebrate because it’s “officially” Spring.

Spring arrives and brings something unique to the air. Flowers and trees begin to blossom with beautiful yellow and shades of pink colors, which create smiles all around; people suddenly change as Spring put a spell on them, and they become more friendly than usual…Well at least for us here in the Northeast. The neighborhood streets become more crowded as people begin to start walking and jogging. Funnily enough, that neighbor who never smiled or waved at you – now does, because they’ve even gotten a dose of Spring fever.

It’s not so much the case nor scene anymore with the younger guys in town, thanks to Apple and Verizon, but growing up we’d all start playing sports and taking full advantage of the weather that was given to us; wiffle ball and basketball tournaments took place everyday after school, and all day on Saturday’s that were full of sunshine, competitiveness, and laughter.

Speaking of basketball tournaments – what’s honestly better than the NCAA March Madness Tournament? It literally is “Madness” but a marvelous time for sports. Brackets are carefully being filled out and submitted to tourney pools all over with the hope that maybe this year you may just look like an actual “bracketologist” when the “Big Dance” finally ends.

When March 20th appears on your calendars – the celebration is in its prime. St. Patrick’s day just took place days before, and the Jameson shot’s may have just added to your liver problems, but it was all worth it right? Then, celebrating a birthday days after the holiday with Irish family and friends and not a care in the world – you can’t pass up, Slainte!

The end of March brings the popping sound of baseball bats that can be heard on TV’s or the park down the road from your place. It’s that time for Opening Day in the MLB, which has team’s cathedral-like stadiums erupt with crowd noise and fans toasting beers high in the air. Yes, even Met fans have something to cheer about on that day – a new beginning and season awaits, ha.

As April begins and sails by faster than ever, so do the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs and NBA playoffs. Whether, you’re a fan or not of either sport – watch the playoffs or actually go to a game in person and I promise your perspective will change.

The NHL playoffs are true commitment and passion at its finest. Professional athletes – full grown men, skating full speed banging bodies into the boards, sliding on the ice blocking 100mph shots, and playing games that could last up to all hours of the night.

A playoff hero and memorable story is born when the guy who played on a team’s third line all year scores a double-overtime game winner, and can be seen smiling with missing teeth. His face is hidden behind a “Playoff beard” that has had people mistaken these unique athletes for cavemen at times.

Sure, the NBA is not my cup of tea, but seeing a guy hit a jump shot at the buzzer to force a game into overtime is simply classic. And, who knows….maybe this Spring Cleveland can finally celebrate with an actual purpose and see Lebron James, the prodigal son, bring a title to the “cursed” die-hard sports city.

Gorgeous May makes her appearance, and sets the tone as “the closer” for Spring. Beach fanatics can officially rejoice as their precious time in the Sun with their toes in the sand is right around the corner.

The boardwalks become more crowded than ever, and even with people who’ve never tried exercising before in their life – yeah they’re even outside at the boardwalk; while they may have a Strollo’s Italian ice in their hands they’re still out at the beach admiring May’s beauty, and the end of what Spring had to graciously offer us.

I may call Fall “Home,” but Spring is simply a party, and a time to celebrate.

Published by kylemickeymckenna

Freelancer & aspiring author writing about the little things in life & sports that inspire me. Never forget DP5. RG71. MW12. Forever teammates.

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