A Young Winnipeg Jets Fan Gives Girl Signed Stick At Game

Random acts of kindness always seem to not only amaze me, but inspire as well. What’s even more inspiring is witnessing young sports fans, hockey fans, do something extraordinary like nine-year-old Keaton Hamin displayed recently.

Young Hamin was at a Winnipeg Jets game when he just so happened to have won a give away contest, which was a signed stick by a popular defenseman on the Jets, Tyler Myers.

Also in attendance just rows behind him was seven-year old fan Alyx Delaloye. Like I’m sure any other excited young fan would do she rushed down the stairs joyfully to see Keaton’s new prize.

Alyx is unfortunately battling Leukemia, and as seen in the video was actually recognized by the Jets and all of their passionate fans at a game about a week ago. It was clear that Alyx is just as passionate as any other Canadian hockey fan, as she held up a sign that was seen by all Winnipeg fans which read,”Chemo by day…Jets by night.”

Now, after Keaton saw Alyx had ran down to see the stick, and that she was sick, he followed her back up the stairs without her knowing, and did something that had me fighting back tears…

It’s touching, inspirational, and just awesome seeing that Keaton followed Alyx back up the stairs looking so innocent and kind; catching her by surprise and generously handing over the signed stick that he had won.

What’s even more amazing is the fact that he’s only nine! How many nine-year old’s do you think would have honestly done that extraordinary act after they had just won a signed stick by an all-star caliber player like Myers.

And, on top of that it speaks more volume to what he said in the interview, “Right away my instinct new I had to give it to Alyx…”

I truly admire what Keaton did, especially given all the circumstances. Here he is a nine-year old kid with thousands of passionate hockey fans around him receiving this once in a lifetime gift; no one tells him he should go give the stick to Alyx; his parents aren’t forcefully shoving him along to run up the stairs; like he said it was his “Instinct.”

What independence and leadership shown…

Afterwards you see an even more genuine and caring smile from Keaton as he trots back to his seat humbled. Little Alyx, who could have shied away and sat back down in her seat, then runs down and gives him a big appreciative hug – WOW, incredible.

It was great to see that this act of kindness also reunited the two back together as they will now forever have a unique bond. A bond formed from a sport that is surrounded by uncanny comradery; a bond created from appreciation, respect, and passion.

It’s the little things like seeing two young fans brought together by such a kind and courageous act that can inspire all; give hope; and create a memory that will last a lifetime.

While professional athletes certainly build strong bonds and relationships amongst each other, so can the fans too…

Best of luck to Alyx!


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Freelancer & aspiring author writing about the little things in life & sports that inspire me. Never forget DP5. RG71. MW12. Forever teammates.

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