Inspiration vs. Motivation

How does one become “motivated” to achieve and pursue goals? Does one get inspired, or motivated to accomplish things in life and work? Does motivation drive you to succeed in a sport, professional setting, or school? I recently came across a piece labeled “Inspiration vs. Motivation” from Paid to Exist; while the author’s argument and pointsContinue reading “Inspiration vs. Motivation”

The Meaning Behind “The Little Thing5”

“Gentleman, listen up – it’s the little things we need to take care of out there if we’re going to be a successful team and win some hockey games…” This was something I heard over and over again for years while playing under and spending time with my old coach, the late Derek Percy. HeContinue reading “The Meaning Behind “The Little Thing5””

The Little Thing5 “T-shirt Jersey” Available

I have released my second tee shirt design for my personal brand, “The Little Thing5.” This is a “t-shirt jersey” style that is charcoal colored, and is now available for $12 until Wednesday May 6th. I will be having promotions for this campaign, which will be updated/advertised via Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. For example,Continue reading “The Little Thing5 “T-shirt Jersey” Available”