The Meaning Behind “The Little Thing5”

“Gentleman, listen up – it’s the little things we need to take care of out there if we’re going to be a successful team and win some hockey games…”

This was something I heard over and over again for years while playing under and spending time with my old coach, the late Derek Percy. He especially always preached to me one on one to, “Take care of the little things.”

So, many people ask me, “What exactly is your blog, the little thing-five?” While it may appear the site’s title reads that way, but it’s actually, “The Little Things.” Coach Derek always stressed to not only take care of the little things on and off the ice, but to appreciate them as well.

While laying in bed one night last year I was simply staring at this tribute jersey of mine seen below – and it hit me. I’m going name it “The Little Things,” but have the “5” represents the “s” in honor of coach Derek. Five was his notorious number, so I found inspiration – honored him and his motto by naming my blog “The Little Thing5.”

Jersey Tribute
Jersey Tribute

It was “The little things” – like whether it was on the ice and about winning an offensive zone face off as a centerman, or circumstances going on in my everyday life. Coach Derek inspired many of his players, and had a tremendous impact on my life.

Looking back on it he did something to be what I find to be quite rare these days – he believed. He believed in others, like me. He saw something in a young 14 year old Kyle “Mickey” McKenna one day I presume at the rink, and simply put his faith and belief in me. His belief in me as not only one of his players, but also a leader.

He was that inspirational to me and had the term embedded in my head that I could still hear his voice saying expression over and over again even though he has passed. I had a vision one day…a vision that I was going to write, and write about the little things in sports and life that I admire and want to share.

One thing lead to another and I began writing and working on books; a memoir and then a fictional piece, which will take time to complete.

Here are excerpts from the memoir:

“The Little Thing5” 

“Pr Excerpt” 

“Student of the Game”

Excerpts from the Fictional piece:

Excerpt I: Chapter 1

Excerpt II: Chapter 1

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Freelancer & aspiring author writing about the little things in life & sports that inspire me. Never forget DP5. RG71. MW12. Forever teammates.

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