Inspiration vs. Motivation

How does one become “motivated” to achieve and pursue goals?

Does one get inspired, or motivated to accomplish things in life and work?

Does motivation drive you to succeed in a sport, professional setting, or school?

I recently came across a piece labeled Inspiration vs. Motivation” from Paid to Existwhile the author’s argument and points were logical – I found a different insight from the piece as I could easily relate, but also detach from the motto, “Inspiration vs. Motivation.”

I recently gave a speech on the topic, and here’s what I had to say:

“Motivation.” I used to often think about this term all the time. I used to often myself being torn between what the word actually meant, and how someone could find motivation to succeed.

I believe that inspiration and motivation do not work against each other. I believe that the two actually work hand-in-hand, and can complement each other. I believe that motivation – comes from inspiration – and is a cause and effect.

I’m sure many companies’ higher ups, teachers, or coaches often ask, “What does it take to get someone motivated these days?”

My Perspective and Answer

I suppose I speak on behalf of my generation and the ones that will follow that “Inspiration” is the answer.

Inspire us and we will be motivated. Inspire us and motivation will no longer even be a question; it will merely become an afterthought and a daily routine for what ever we may seek. Inspire us – and new doors will open that we could not even imagine.

Personally, I was never one to be productive when given some sort of “Ultimatum” to have me be motivated. In fact, that style often pushed me away from ever being motivated at all to be constructive and effective.

Now, if you find a way to inspire me…that’s a whole another story. Once I find inspiration – I can be “pushed” and I’ll find motivation. I’ll find motivation to be creative and find a comfort zone that’s going to drive me to succeed, or even chase dreams.

Once someone or myself is inspired I believe that an “Ultimatum” easily changes into an attainable goal. A goal that I want to capture, and I’ll have a “fire burning in my stomach” that’s going to be hard to put out.

It’s night and day when you inspire someone like me first before trying to motivate them. It’s like dealing two different people, employees, or players per say.

A good sport analogy I like to use is – How often do we see professional athletes not “live up to expectations” on certain teams they may start out with or are currently playing for? But, then once they get traded or moved to another organization they blossom to their full potential and become an all star…overnight.

People are then left saying, “Wait that’s the same guy who played for us?” I believe somewhere along the way, in that transformation, that player was inspired, inspired and then motivated to succeed.

Another example a coach once told me involves one of the greatest hockey players of all time, Jaromir Jagr. The Czech Republic native has always notoriously worn number 68 on the ice; yes, it’s not your everyday number in hockey…

Jagr wears 68 in honor of his father who had passed away in ’68 during war over in Europe. So, every time he set foot in the locker room before a game or practice he sees that number to remind him that’s his inspiration to succeed, for his father. And, motivate him to be the very best he can be, which it clearly has.

In5pire us, and we will be motivated.

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Freelancer & aspiring author writing about the little things in life & sports that inspire me. Never forget DP5. RG71. MW12. Forever teammates.

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