Chip On My Shoulder, Priorities

“Mr. McKenna,” the specialist doctor said sternly, as he sat there observing my MRI. He shook his head from side to side and looked up at me. “I’m telling you, that you ABSOLUTELY cannot play any form of contact sports with this injured shoulder.” It was the summer of 2013. I had dislocated my leftContinue reading “Chip On My Shoulder, Priorities”

Jakes Mint Chew & My Testimony Shared #tbt

A previous post and testimony of mine about the journey towards quitting chewing tobacco was recently shared by a company and an organization’s social media accounts. After seven years of “dipping” I came across “Jakes Mint Chew”. Jakes is a tobacco free “chew” that finally helped me take major strides towards quitting the addiction. AContinue reading “Jakes Mint Chew & My Testimony Shared #tbt”

Steven Stamkos NHL Media Day Interview: ‘Student Of The Game’

The Tampa Bay Lightning and the Chicago Blackhawks will play each other in this year’s Stanley Cup Finals. Being that I’m from New Jersey, and had never been to a “Bolts” game before, I found it pretty cool and ironic that I actually got to see these teams face-off against each other in Tampa, FloridaContinue reading “Steven Stamkos NHL Media Day Interview: ‘Student Of The Game’”