Jakes Mint Chew & Killthecan.org: My Testimony Shared #tbt

A previous post and testimony of mine about the journey towards quitting chewing tobacco was recently shared by a company and an organization’s social media accounts.

After seven years of “dipping” I came across “Jakes Mint Chew”. Jakes is a tobacco free “chew” that finally helped me take major strides towards quitting the addiction.

I was lucky enough to have been contacted by Jakes Mint Chew, and Killthecan.org who support and help tobacco users quit, that they have shared my testimony over their social media platforms. I’m very appreciative that both Jakes and Killthecan.org were able to share, enjoy, and acknowledge my testimony.

Also, I encourage all tobacco users to read over my post, or share it others whom it may benefit. I believe users can genuinely relate and the advice I give is valuable.

My Testimony:Jakes Mint Chew

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