Farewell August

“Pink sky at night sailor’s delight; pink sky in morning sailor’s warning.”

I look to the mixed-pink summer sky watching the sun set to the west here on the East Coast. As the soothing sky blushes for its admirers — immediately I can only think of the sailor’s rhyme my father used to enthusiastically tell my sister and I as young kids.

New Jersey (Photo by The Little Thing5)

The sun continues to slowly fade and the atmosphere outside is still and calm as can be. All that is heard are the crickets chirping making their presence known, and listening to the cicadas communicating to one another. For they too are waiting for the stars to come out on this gorgeous and clear night…

It’s August.

I love this month and what it has to offer. Primarily because I look at August as “a tease of fall,” which is my favorite season.

Sure, August has its moments when it’s “too hot outside,” but nothing like what June or July illustrate. The final month of summer expresses itself much different than those months, and for the better.

It slowly invites and lures us into autumn, at a perfect flow. I personally always thought August had cooler days, and those nights I described above — seem to be every night, unless it rains of course. Plus, those nights only get better as we near September, and seem to end at the perfect time; so they’re not overdone and we’re ready to accept the crispness of fall.

The nights we experience listening the cicadas sound like an orchestra and appreciate a big bright moon lighting up the night sky on the back porch, while a preseason football game is playing in the background; going for walk; at the beach or on the boat can make us recollect. For some of us, “It’s almost time for school to start.” Or, simply the start of any new beginnings for others.

The end of August…

Baseball season is winding down and hopefully our teams are making that playoff push, or in an exciting pennant race that’s heating upWe’re sitting around groups of friends, sipping on a beer, doing last minute research before our fantasy football drafts begins.

You could be leaving a soccer practice, or even better hockey practice, in preparation for a new year of hard work and laughs; and really appreciating the cool and refreshing night air August provides your tired self with.

In the final weekend of the month we find ourselves seeing old friends visiting, or people we’ve missed over the past few months. We’re at a BBQ full of spirits and a plethora of food, or at the tiki bar enjoying live music. College football kicks off, and we’re hoping “it’s the year” for our favorite “big named schools” or alma mater.

Perhaps some weak fireworks are still going off in the neighborhood obnoxiously or down by the river, because there are “those people” who continue to do that post Fourth of July.

The sun sets in the west behind that picture-perfect sky, as if it were a water colored painting by a professional artist.

Thanks for the tease.

Farewell August. Until we meet again.

Published by kylemickeymckenna

Freelancer & aspiring author writing about the little things in life & sports that inspire me. Never forget DP5. RG71. MW12. Forever teammates.

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