Jakub Voracek Donating Towards Multiple Sclerosis: Fundraising Proposal

Philadelphia Flyers’ forward Jakub Voracek is coming off an outstanding “breakout” season for the city of “Brotherly Love.” He’ll more than likely have another great year for the Flyers, and will have fans from all over the NHL and professional sports cheering him on, not just Philly.

Voracek’s sister has recently been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. So, out of ‘Brotherly love’ the Czech Republic native announced he will be donating $1,000 towards multiple sclerosis for every point he records in 2015-2016.

on April 5, 2015 at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.The Philadelphia Flyers defeated the Pittsburgh Penguins 4-1.
Proicehockey.about.com (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Wow, an amazing class act and a great way to fundraise, plus raise awareness for this cause. It had me thinking though…

Perhaps a way to effectively fundraise money and bring about more awareness for Voracek’s cause would be to start a social media campaign — similar to the ALS ice bucket challenge.

Idea: #BrotherlyLove

NHL players could have videos recorded (before or after a team’s practice) of them (one-vs-one) shooting on or going down the ice on a break away against their goaltender. If the player scores he would then have to donate $1,000 towards the cause. Then, the goal scorer could “challenge” or “pass” over the motion by selecting another NHL player to do the same — which would then become a domino effect throughout the league.

After the video is recorded it could then be promoted over all social media outlets by the player’s account and the team’s as well. And, a hashtag #BrotherlyLove could be used to help brand the purpose and spread the awareness “factor.” I believe “Brotherly Love” is fitting, no?

Imagine players such as Sidney Crosby, Claude Giroux, Alexander Ovechekin, Jonathan Toews and Steven Stamkos all taking part in this amazing cause. It would be awesome exposure to benefit multiple sclerosis and Voracek’s mission, #BrotherlyLove.

Plus, hockey players from all over the world, in any rink, could participate as well — not just the NHL.

Youth, junior level, collegiate and semi-pro could all join in and help fight MS. It would be a tremendous way for the the cause, teamed up with the NHL, to really interact with it’s fans and even potential stars of the game.

And, if a team’s respective goalie stops the puck — well then perhaps he can donate towards the cause instead of the shooter; then challenge another NHL goalie to stop one of hockey’s best stars…

Another idea could be NHL team’s hosting an “MS Night.” Respectively, it could start with the Philadelphia Flyers organization. For every goal scored in the game on that night — $1,000 could be donated towards the cause, and having that fact made aware as it would be announced over the PA after each goal was scored.

Either way, I solute you Mr. Voracek for your admirable and inspirational act. I hope you can consider this proposal and continue to appreciate ‘the little things.’

-Kyle McKenna


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