My Favorite Time Of ‘The Day’

If you were to approach me while walking outside on a bright and sunny summer day and say, “Wow, what a beautiful day out today! Isn’t it?”

I may in fact smile, nod my head and agree with you. But, truth be told is I would lying to you.

It’s about 90’s degrees outside and the sun is shining too bright to the point where my eyes are still squinting underneath my polarized sun glasses. I can still manage to see you and act like everything is OK, but it’s a struggle, and my eyes are now clouded by natural tears. Plus, I can feel the heat bouncing off of the concrete sidewalk — making matters that much worse.

Also, keep in mind the humid air is as flat as the liter of soda which has been sitting in my closet-pantry for about a year now.

The next time I should just be honest, shrug my shoulders and tell you how I don’t care for a bright and hot summer day, at all. Or, at least in New Jersey.

I live for the night — it’s my favorite time “of the day.”

I guess you could call me a “night crawler” or “night owl.” That’s how it’s always been and always will be.

There’s something about when the sun starts to set that provides both an excitement and sense of relief inside of me, which suddenly becomes “game on.” For whatever reason, there’s just an aspect about watching the sunset that makes me happier than seeing the sun rise.

What can I say? I guess I like staring up at a bright silver moon that’s surrounded by millions of decorative visible lights, and galaxies where we can still play “connect the dots” even from down here on Earth.

As a kid, I would have preferred to run around with neighborhood friends while playing manhunt in the evening. There was always something sneaky, spooky and mysterious about running around with your buddies during the twilight. It typically brought an adrenaline rush to me, like I was Tom Cruise starring in an action/mystery film — trying to save the world of course.

During the week days, I’ve always had this perception that the sun shines down directly on us from weird and annoying angles, especially when I’m driving. It’s like the sun decided to make it, “National lets shine into Kyle’s car in the most obnoxious way possible so he can’t see the road;” compared to a Friday or Saturday when the daylight just seems more inviting and less irritating.

Ha, or maybe it’s just me…

Family parties or social gatherings? Yup, I prefer it to be during the night. I’d rather be at a restaurant with family and friends that’s on the water, or at the beach, staring at the reflection of the moon ripple across the glossy river. Or, hearing the waves crash against the shore in utter silence when the Shore crowd has cleared out.

And, as we all know — fall is my favorite season. At night, it’s perfection. Smelling or even seeing the crisp fire burn under a dark sky; with noises of the fallen leaves crunching in the background from either “unknown” animals roaming or people walking and hearing an owl consistently “hoot” is quite the thrill to me.

I wish I could draw or paint…I would sketch out the sight of the bare trees reaching out to the moon with the lit up night sky in the background; making the “dead” trees look that much more alive.

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Now, since I love to relate perspective to sports, there’s nothing better than attending a sporting event at night.

A Prime example — the atmosphere is ten times better at a baseball game during the evening than it is at a matinee. During a day game, once again, it’s too hot to actually be comfortable and enjoy what you just paid to watch. The sun blinds you from seeing that home run sail over the fence, or even being able to catch that foul ball by your favorite player.

Even growing up playing either baseball or hockey — there was just more of an adrenaline rush “playing under the lights” than during the day.

As time has passed by — I’ve embraced the peacefulness the nighttime has to offer…

The night, is my favorite time of ‘the day.’

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Freelancer & aspiring author writing about the little things in life & sports that inspire me. Never forget DP5. RG71. MW12. Forever teammates.

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