The early morning arrives…

The sun rises later and the sound of the AM crickets are no longer heard like they were in the recent months. Instead what’s alive and kicking against my window is the whistling of the wind and the cry of a passing train, which peacefully fades.

From that alone, I can already tell the temperature outside is getting colder here on the East Coast. I’m also reminded of the changing weather outside by slowly being awoken by the heat cranking up in the house. That feeling of, “I don’t want to get up or can’t move,” kicks in.

Yes it’s November, but Fall’s prime has passed.

Now, it’s mid-November.

A beautiful and unique time of the year that may get overlooked by some. The Northeast’s colorful leaves are in full force, yet the trees become barer by the second. The naked arms of the different shaped trees reach out towards the sky; and usually around 3:00pm they’re pointing up towards a visible Moon, even though the sky is still lit up in baby blue.

Then, two hours later it’s already pitch black outside. And, sometimes that Moon appears to be closer to Earth than ever before, plus its full shape is a bright gold color that could have it be mistaken for another planet. Having the bare trees with the fully lit Moon in the background is a sight that should be made available to us every night.

orane moon_tlt5

Sure, the days get colder, but it’s not quite December weather yet, and I personally embrace the change in temperature. It’s enjoyable to not only smell that lit fireplace or pit, but to actually see the smoke rise above and dissipate into the clouds or stars.

If you’re a sports fan, the NFL is in the full swing of things, and there’s usually classic college football rivalry matchup to be played — like the Big 10’s Ohio State Buckeyes versus Michigan Wolverines.

We can’t forget the best holiday of the year and my personal favorite, Thanksgiving. Yes, myself and I’m sure others, enjoy Thanksgiving more than Christmas. Waking up and walking downstairs to the smell of all the delicious food, specifically the turkey and stuffing, lit candles and pre-game show for the Detroit Lions game makes the best day of the year that much better.

Catching up with friends, old college or high school buddies and family over drinks and high spirits is an awesome feeling that I’ll always appreciate, which will never get old either.

Before you know it, the roads are busier with cars and people looking to get their holiday shopping in; the lines at Starbucks for the red cups are out the door; the sound of the trains in the mornings and night remain the same, but they’re busier and filled; as New York City becomes the main focus of attention.

Winter is right around the corner, and so is that first snow fall.

So long November…


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2 thoughts on “Mid-November

  1. Good one! Glad you look forward to the smell of a roasting turkey as much as I do. It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without it!

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