These San Francisco Thing5


San Francisco skyline - Paris Kim
San Francisco skyline – Paris Kim

These San Francisco Thing5

-By Paris Kim

For while, I’ve not written anything I actually do consider good.

My first love for the little thing that would influence my whole being was an attempt at a novel. I can fondly remember senior year of high school as not only being when I completed a full novel, but being only seventeen.

I found that rough draft not too long ago, and was astonished at how underdeveloped scenes were and how wordy one or two meaningless sentences had gotten.

But there was the passion at least. Anyone who read that terrible piece of work about artists living in the San Francisco Bay Area could see that it clearly had been written by a Bay Area artist themselves.

This little thing I call writing has dictated my every move since that attempt. Changing my major to English and deciding on staying in the Bay Area to further explore both writing and this place I loved so much, and still knew so little about, hasn’t gotten me much further, but it has maintained my motivation.

And so for someone who loves to write, what hasn’t been good? What have I been doing this whole time?

Life is what.

I’ve been doing exactly that, keeping busy from my passion in order to keep finding inspiration that will fuel the passion. Confusing? Complicated, but understandable. How can I write about things when there’s nothing to be done to write about?

Enter these weekly musings I document in my series called A Week by the Bay. Myths and truths to living in one of the leading cities of the world in technology and creativity. I’ve only given up on the novel and short story writing for now because in the unknown adventures to come with each passing week, my reality has given only the best tales to tell.

And this life thing, it’s worth it.

It’s worth listing off which specialty cocktails I recommend from The Corner Store and Natoma Cabana, or the luck of discovering a new bus line to get me to work without having to run into old friends or summer flings. Views from Market Street rooftops and the people I meet in these microhoods are worth sticking around for.

San Francisco and its surrounding area aren’t the world, I know that. But it’s a big part of it now in this decade that I can happily and easily find myself telling you more about.

And some day, I’ll find myself beyond here and chronicling a week spent somewhere else. But as fate has it, I’m meant for here, and I shall not fight it. Big adventures await, but the adventure of this city right now seems big, with each little thing encountered.

And together, that is good enough. 


-Paris Kim

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