Penguins’ Phil Kessel Brings Stanley Cup To Sick Kids Hospital

In 2009, when NHL all-star forward Phil Kessel arrived in Toronto to play for the Maple Leafs he promised the Canadian city a Stanley Cup Championship. Kessel spent six seasons with the Original Six franchise, but the Leafs were unsuccessful in bringing the Toronto fan-base its first Cup since 1967. And, let’s just say LeafsContinue reading “Penguins’ Phil Kessel Brings Stanley Cup To Sick Kids Hospital”

I Applaud Steven Stamkos

Unrestricted-free-agency (UFA) in professional sports — another variable in a sports fan’s version of a never ending drama and entertaining soap-opera. Fans have been crushed after seeing some of their favorite star-athletes leave the name on the front of the jersey for another city’s sports franchise, and one that could offer more money to aContinue reading “I Applaud Steven Stamkos”

Happy Father’s Day, Pop-Pop Pete

In late May I found myself at the waiting area of a diner and one in which my grandfather and I used to regularly meet at for lunch. As I sat on the waiting bench I began to stareĀ at the New York Yankees and Mets baseball memorabilia in a display case, where I then thoughtContinue reading “Happy Father’s Day, Pop-Pop Pete”