P.K. Subban’s Memorable Return To Montreal

Former Montreal Canadiens defenseman P.K. Subban returned back to Montreal, on March 1, and for the first time since the 2013 Norris Trophy winner was traded by the Canadiens to the Nashville Predators. And, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Subban, age 27, received a warm welcome from the Bell Center’s sold out and faithful hockey fan-base.

However, what was unanticipated was that the Montreal organization displayed an honorable tribute video toward’s Subban and his memorable seven-year tenure with the club, and right before both the United State’s and Canada’s National Anthem’s would be performed. Typically, a team waits until the puck is dropped during a stoppage of play.

The Ontario native, of Jamaican decent, was then overwhelmed with emotion after hearing the Montreal crowd not only cheer his name for almost three straight minutes, but the enduring standing ovation he received, too. Keep in mind, the Queen was also in attendance to see one of her favorite Montreal players of all-time.

Fans alike didn’t need to be present in Montreal to get goosebumps on their skin for Subban’s first return back to Montreal, either.


A classy move by the Canadiens to say at the very least, but an even classier ‘Welcome Home’ from the Montreal faithful. While it appeared ownership and management wanted the colorful ambassador for the Habs “out,” it’s evident that Subban’s impact not only on the ice hit home for Montreal fans, but his continuous and heroic efforts in the Canadian community played a huge role from the fan’s perspective as well.

Prior to the notable return on the ice, Subban received a Meritorious Service Decoration, from Governor General David Johnston, for the star D’mans $10-million dollar fundraising project which Subban had committed towards the Montreal Children’s Hospital before being traded last offseason.

It’s admirable what type of affect Subban had on the entire Montreal fan-base from his display of passion both on and off the ice for his former city and club.

Though, his reaction and emotions speak much louder to prove that the sport of hockey is more than just a game…but rather a lifestyle that will always welcome home, memories.

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