A Writer’s Vacation

As I step outside the Boston airport, my brown leather writing suitcase and I are greeted by familiar sounds, smells and a cool New England breeze on a busy Friday afternoon. As we continue to find our way to the big blue Brockton and Plymouth bus, the thick Boston accents that we continue to hear make myself smile and laugh, just a bit.

It marks the third straight summer in July that we’ll be spending a writer’s vacation touring New England. The first stop is spending the weekend on the Cape. All aboard!

This time around we’ll be taking a two and half hour bus ride up to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Long car rides are great, aren’t they? Ha, this writing enthusiast doesn’t see a long and annoying bus ride, but an opportunity. An opportunity to start brain storming ideas for a new blog post, sports article and most importantly inspiration to build on a project that we started three years ago, too.

The annual and classic tour of New England entails visiting family and sightseeing on the Cape; going into Boston for a night and catching a Red Sox game at arguably the most beautiful Baseball Cathedral in all the land, Fenway Park; and then of course spending a few nights in Providence, Rhode Island with a fellow Hockey Brother and his fiancé.

Character, is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of this annual roadie. In fact, there’s so much character in all three of these areas of New England, but there’s something special that’s always drawn me towards the small city of Providence.

We enjoy Providence’s confusing one way and both hilly, plus extremely narrow road systems, the ones that are usually made of cobble stone or bricks; and then of course all of the historic homes and buildings with their rustic and wooden appearances. The floors always creek when you walk in to any establishment, really in most of these areas, but always in Providence. It’s a spooky feeling, which also reminds me that I’m ready to eat lobster rolls and consume New England clam chowder as well.

Pure bliss

Oh, and let’s not forget we’re enclosed by endless and vintage fences that can make one feel like their back in the early 1900’s.There’s usually a few graveyards that for some reason most people find intrigued to look at, no?

For whatever reason, I seem to do my some of (what I think could be considered) my best work in downtown Providence.

During the daylight, you can find me on Wickenden St and at the Coffee Exchange for hours and hours at time, writing. I seem to find myself in depth with some of the characters I’ve created in our ‘escape from reality,’ while constructing our own.

Maybe it’s the historic atmosphere and feel that brings out the best of me; like the stone and brick roads where you expect to see a horse shackle along in front of us at any given moment; or the cool New England breeze that’s incomparable to any other wind; or maybe it’s the accents and type of people who roam the streets of this small and almost forgotten city.

Or, maybe, it’s whatever is in the clam chowda’?

Until next summer, New England.



Published by kylemickeymckenna

Freelancer & aspiring author writing about the little things in life & sports that inspire me. Never forget DP5. RG71. MW12. Forever teammates.

2 thoughts on “A Writer’s Vacation

  1. To see New England is to love New England…..I prefer the fall there myself…..love the coffee exchange…..I want to go there now!!!!

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