Turn Off The Radio

Like anyone else who has to commute an hour to their workplace the tunes we listen to on our ride in are essential, especially in the morning. But let’s not forget the mixed anxious feelings, plus relief the ride home entails either. Yes, the one when you feel like Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire, asContinue reading “Turn Off The Radio”

the Little Thing5 In San Francisco, CA

A big thank you to Paris Kim for representing the Little Thing5 in her home city, on the West Coast. Paris is a writer based out of San Francisco, California, who established a personal brand through her efficient blog, A Week By The Bay. This inspirational writer who was born and raised in San Fran doesContinue reading “the Little Thing5 In San Francisco, CA”

Branded Apparel

Starting tomorrow “The Little Thing5” will have branded apparel available. T-shirts will be immediately available. Hats will be made available upon “style request” and size for the short term. The one above is equivalent to New Era’s 5950 style. You can email me at mckenna.kyle91@gmail.com, comment below, or contact me through social media. (All mediaContinue reading “Branded Apparel”

ALS ice bucket challenge: Born into a campaign

This summer, after seeing the ALS ice bucket challenge take society by storm, it made me think and realize something. In 1991, I was born into a campaign – which my family had already started in 1985. My Grandmother Rita McKenna had been diagnosed with ALS then, and passed away in 1993. The last sixContinue reading “ALS ice bucket challenge: Born into a campaign”

Excerpt: Pr

Passion is an emotion that most people practice in their everyday lives. Passion could be a desire for a sport, occupation, lover, or hobby- It’s a never ending list. What am I passionate about? Well, hockey was my first true love and my passion. But after a series of unfortunate occurrences, it oddly enough becameContinue reading “Excerpt: Pr”