Happy Father’s Day, Pop-Pop Pete

In late May I found myself at the waiting area of a diner and one in which my grandfather and I used to regularly meet at for lunch. As I sat on the waiting bench I began to stareΒ at the New York Yankees and Mets baseball memorabilia in a display case, where I then thoughtContinue reading “Happy Father’s Day, Pop-Pop Pete”

tLT5 Campaign

As most of you may already know I’ve held an ongoing social media campaign “#tLT5” to further promote the Little Thing5 and my work. I’ve been fortunate enough where recipients of my brand’s tee shirts have been able to travel across the United States, or represent tLT5 in other countries. Most recently, the brand hasContinue reading “tLT5 Campaign”

Braden Holtby Gives A Stick To A Young Fan Battling Cancer

If you’ve been fortunate enough to play the sport of ice hockey at some point in your life then you understand the unique camaraderie that comes with it. You get it.Β  READ: CamaraderieΒ  Whether you appreciated or couldn’t stand the guy sitting next to you wearing the same jersey on the bench or in theContinue reading “Braden Holtby Gives A Stick To A Young Fan Battling Cancer”

tLT5 Promo Post

A special thanks to Caitlyn Bahrenburg for her recent social media post appreciating the little things, which also supports my writing and brand. Caitlyn and is a fantastic writer and is a journalist for the Northern Valley Suburbanite. View this post on Instagram A post shared by πšπš‘πšŽ π™»πš’πšπšπš•πšŽ πšƒπš‘πš’πš—πšπŸ» (@thelittle_thing5) More posts to follow,Continue reading “tLT5 Promo Post”

Jakub Voracek Donating Towards Multiple Sclerosis: Fundraising Proposal

Philadelphia Flyers’ forward Jakub Voracek is coming off an outstanding “breakout” season for the city of “Brotherly Love.” He’ll more than likely have another great year for the Flyers, and will have fans from all over the NHL and professional sports cheering him on, not just Philly. Voracek’s sister has recently been diagnosed with multipleContinue reading “Jakub Voracek Donating Towards Multiple Sclerosis: Fundraising Proposal”

Tribute Jersey: Yahoo Sports “Puck Daddy”

Yesterday the “Lucky Jersey” came through again as “The Blackhawks Tribute Jersey” post (DP5, RG71, MW12) was picked up by Yahoo Sports’ hockey section -“Puck Daddy.” Link here: Blackhawks Tribute Jersey: Yahoo Sports “Puck Daddy” It’s an awesome feeling knowing that one of my posts was picked up by “Puck Daddy,” but it’s an evenContinue reading “Tribute Jersey: Yahoo Sports “Puck Daddy””


β€œDo you miss playing at all?” Mr. Weltner asked me as we caught up with each other at the Prudential Center two months ago during a New Jersey Devils game. I paused and zoned out before I answered him, and a million memories and feelings ran through my head; β€œEh, it’s kinda’ hard to explain…”Continue reading “Camaraderie”