Jakes Mint Chew & Killthecan.org: My Testimony Shared #tbt

A previous post and testimony of mine about the journey towards quitting chewing tobacco was recently shared by a company and an organization’s social media accounts. After seven years of “dipping” I came across “Jakes Mint Chew”. Jakes is a tobacco free “chew” that finally helped me take major strides towards quitting the addiction. AContinue reading “Jakes Mint Chew & Killthecan.org: My Testimony Shared #tbt”

Steps to Quitting: Jakes Mint Chew

After dipping consistently for seven years it seemed like there was no solution that would help me stop. Especially after attempting to quit countless times I would still find myself with the need to throw a lip in. Every person who smokes or chews knows the struggle of what it takes to quit nicotine. IContinue reading “Steps to Quitting: Jakes Mint Chew”

I ‘Dipped’

I was a user of chewing tobacco, a.k.a dip, for seven years. I had my first lip when I was 16 years old and continued to dip for seven years. After countless times of saying, “I’m trying to quit,” or “Oh yeah I quit..,” but never actually going through with it, I have finally ‘dipped’Continue reading “I ‘Dipped’”